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November Poetry Challenge's Journal
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Below are the 5 most recent journal entries recorded in November Poetry Challenge's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, December 6th, 2005
8:08 pm
November, in fox fur,
Rusted blooms 'round her den,
Hunts along the river,
When milder months stay in.

November, whose smoke curls
The other seasons scorn,
Tangles with the wind, whirls
Dev'lish in ghostly corn.

November, the wilder
Cousin to blust'ry March,
Bold autumn, bare winter,
Joined in triumphal arch.
9:50 am
Okay, I must admit it, I'm working on something, but it wasn't finished by the deadline, and still isn't complete.

I've decided your poems are all so lovely that I want to extend the prize to each of you.

You are welcome to peruse my 2005 Year-in-Books list, and if you see a title you like, let me know and I will ship it to you. It's probably best to contact me via email:

Thank you for participating. I'm really pleased by all the poems.
Wednesday, November 30th, 2005
8:58 pm
just under the deadline!

Between October's pagan revel
devil-dressed and noisy
glitter, ghosts, and gore
drinking to the dead
a fond farewell
to fallen leaves,

And fat December's carol
red-suited, joyous, Christian,
shouting back the sun
from winter's wolfy teeth
a blazing yuletide gift:
promised resurrection,
come spring,

November sits zazen
in solemn saffron robes,
watching waves of stone
lap motionless around
rocky, silent islands

A pause in breath
fading clouds
in chilly air

Naked branches clutch
like bony hands
the twilight moon
then let it drift
into the sky

This month
we rest

then breathe and live again
Sunday, November 20th, 2005
12:23 am
I cannot resist a challenge
Hm. I don't know if this poem is celebratory enough for the theme.

What November Hath Imparted

The summer sun’s relentless fury
Beat down upon our brow
And we covered ours eyes and hid
Behind shadows
As we chased the fleeting illusion of Summer
Summer beauty, fickle Summer and her lies

Now the sun is pale and wan
And its rays hold no heat
Bereft of foliage, the trees
Stand stark and naked
Revealing the fractal beauty of branch and twig

No longer chasing formless dreams
We survey the land, shorn of leaf
The fields, bare after the last harvest
Earth and sky are revealed
As age reveals the true beauty of a woman
Strength and wisdom, grace and compassion
That no cosmetic can impart

We have shed the false shadows of our youth
To embrace what is
What always has been
Beneath the attractive cover of bright sun and leaf

Bitter cold and biting winds
Of Winter cannot quench
The heart that beats
Beneath this breast
Warm and strong
It sings
Of Truth
Friday, November 18th, 2005
10:09 pm
*looks around shyly*
Ought I to go ahead and post my little triolet here?


Like a glad lover, easily
The year lets fall her seven veils:
She smiles and turns and lets me see
Like a glad lover, easily
Naked without obscenity,
Her blossoms dead, her joy prevails.
Like a glad lover, easily
The year lets fall her seven veils.
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